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Culture of Care Resources

Culture of Care resources support the development of a Culture of Care. Our most widely used resources are our Imagine postcards and the Culture of Care Nest Box agreement.


Culture of Care Postcards

Culture of Care Imagine postcards are a tool to facilitate thinking around what a Culture of Care could be for your organisation or collective.


Use them as catalyst for conversations in a meeting, organisational development days, inspiration on a notice board or you could post them to another organisation to support their development. 


Nest Box Agreement

A Nest Box agreement is a flexible social agreement that enables individuals (both freelancers and within and organisation), to work together in a mutually equitable and nurturing environment. They include any access requirements, personal considerations when working, an In Good Faith Agreement, Kindness Pledge and a process to address any difficulties or changes that may arise. Nest boxes are for everyone and sit along side a standard working contract. In the video below you can observe a demonstration of the creation of a Nest Box agreement.

Nest Boxes have been designed to be a user friendly tool kit. However some do choose to work with a facilitator to complete the agreement. Rewilding the Artist can provide a Nest Box facilitator for your project or between an artist and organisation or artist and support worker. A fee does apply to this service. Please contact us for further details.

Image Credits: Gaia Redgrave

Video 'How a Nest Box Works'.

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