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Creating a Culture of Care (CoC) nest enables us to understand how individuals (freelancers and within organisations) will work together in an equitable and nurturing space (physically and metaphorically), supporting each other’s well-being.

The CoC Nest goes alongside the ‘Freelance Artist Standard Contract’ that sets out the legal & financial aspects of our working together.

This Nest Box pack includes:

Information about the Rewilding the Artist Project
- Guidance on the process of creating your nest
- A Culture of Care Nest Agreement: Example
- A Culture of Care Nest Agreement: Template
- Freelance Artist Standard Contract: Template
- Feedback

The Culture of Care Nest Box is currently in the testing process and we welcome your constructive feedback on using the agreement. 

This creation of this resource has been kindly supported by the Arts Council of Wales.


This item is also available in Cymraeg. Please refer to other listing.


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Culture of Care Nest Box (English)

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