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A Taster of
Rewilding the Artist Projects

Rewilding projects start with a question in response to a problem.

We consider possibilities with openness & curiosity to create projects that are multisensory spaces for exploration.

Our projects are produced in collaboration with artists, organisations, producers and collectives. They maybe an aspect of your own project or a stand alone creative opportunity.

A close up detail of a piece of white fabric that s partially died with bllue indigo. The Fabric also has green letters embriodered on to it.

If Utopias Bach were an ecosystem, how would you care for it?

In collaboration with Utopias Bach Collective

Orange coloured ink splashes are linked together with absratc orange coloured lines.


What could support for workshop providers with parallel lived experience of the participants look like?

In collaboration of Cysylltu Connecting

Image Credit: Kar Rowson

Orange wool octopus legs with a hand written note.


What makes Utopias Bach an innately accessible space?

In collaboration with Utopias Bach Collective

A black and white abstract imagemade by mirroring a tree.

How do we provide a radically inclusive hybrid experience for all?

In Collaboration with Utopias Bach Collective at Pontio, Bangor

Image Credit: Kar Rowson

A hand drawn image of a blue tit in flight.


Can we create a collaborative kindness pledge where all are valued?


In collaboration with Ffiwsar.

Logo for Piece of String Media.

How do we support neurodivergent participants effectively?

In collaboration with Piece of String Media

Two teapots are on a table covered with a white cloth. Different herbs and tea leaves are also on the cloth.

Is it possible to deliver a hybrid residency where all participants feel equally valued in the room?

In collaboration with Utopias Bach Collective & Cwrdd â Mi Wrth yr Afon at Mostyn.

Image Credit: Lindsey Colbourne

Pink decorative image

How can curators bridge the gap and become voices for equity?


In collaboration with University of the Arts London

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