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Radical Hybrid Accessibility

How do we provide a radically inclusive hybrid experience for all?

Radical accessibility is a bold statement. However to be able to provide an experience that is deeply accessible, thinking beyond standard consideration and boundaries was the aim of the Utopias Bach Ysgol Arbrofol Experimental Tree Sense School.


The school was a 3 months hybrid residency at Pontio, Bangor and online. In partnership for the whole of the residency we imagined, tested, tweaked and delivered a series of interactive workshops, events and performative rituals in person and virtually across the world.


The aim was to be radically inclusive meaning the people attending the virtual events didn't receive a lesser experience. Participants who were neurodivergent or had disabilities were in the forefront of what we did and a number of the Tree School activities were disability lead. We learned from lived experience and doing, resulting in new solutions and ways of providing an exciting inclusive experience. Radical solutions were found. 

The partnership went on to develop a Modern Hybrid Events Good Practice document, as well as in depth tailored training in Radical Hydrid Delivery. Please contact us if you are interested in this for your organisation or collective.

Image Credits: Lindsey Colbourne

Video Courtesy of Utopias Bach Collective


In partnership with Utopias Bach Collective at Pontio Bangor

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