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A Culture of Care

Two white chairs are in a field of wild flowers and long grass. One of the chairs is much smaller than the other.

Everyone Can benefit from a Culture of Care

Introducing A Culture of Care

A Culture of Care is:


A shift in cultural outlook that fully embraces and integrates non-traditional ways of working and creating.


Embodying a space where everyone is valued and treated with equity.


An understanding that balancing different needs and voices can be difficult, but when we listen and act with care and compassion a balance can be gained, and wonderful things can happen.

Aligned with the Social Model of Disability.


The removal of barriers and building in effective access & support for all at the foundation of every opportunity, funding application and arts space.


Facilitating genuine attitudinal change and true equity within the sector benefiting all.

Image Credit: (above) Gaia Redgrave, (below) Lindsey Colbourne

People are wearing twigs and branches to look like trees. One of the people is using a mobility scooter that has also had twigs and braches attached to it. The people are making their way along a sloping path in front of a grass bank.
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