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The social imaginary - "The creative and symbolic dimension of the social world, the dimension through which human beings create their ways of living together and their ways of representing their collective life."

John Thompson


We all know that a Culture of Care: accessibility, equity, wellbeing, our environment and our community are important, but how often are these things built into the foundation of what we do? And, do we spend enough time deeply listening, sharing and reflecting on the big questions with those that are affected before implementing action?


Rewilding the Artist supports you to give space to these questions, exploring possibilities through creative action & collaborative conversation, utilising the imagination as a tool for change.

If you and your organisation want to think differently about accessibility, a Culture of Care and investigate / explore big questions around practice, delivery, environment and equity, Rewilding the Artist has the tools to support your curiosity.


We work with you to explore possibilities. You may also wish to include others such as artists, visitors, your audience or board members depending on the focus of your question and the reach you wish to attain.


All sessions are led by highly experienced creatives / artists & facilitators working within and for a Culture of Care.

Rewilding the Artist is a Culture of Care in practice.

Two people are stood at the edge of the sea with their arms held out. One of the people is standing on one leg.

Immersive Rewilding

Doing it differently

Imagine a space, a place that is both an installation, a work of art, a residency and a tool for discussion & transformation, embodying change and experiential learning.


Immersive Rewilding is a tool for bringing together all kinds of people and ideas; your community, your audience, staff, collaborative freelancers etc.


Facilitated imagining, creative activities, documented creative response for consultation, beyond policy exploration, organisational development, exploring big questions about big subjects. These are all aspects of Immersive Rewilding. 

We start with a question and develop an Immersive Rewilding to reveal alternative solutions or concepts, things that may not have been possible to conceive in a different environment. 

Immersive Rewilding can be physical, virtual, and hybrid and last an afternoon or extend into a number of weeks or months.

If you are looking to do things differently please do get in touch with your starting point and available budget. We can then work from there. You can find examples of our work in the projects section.

The Bothy

Shared spaces of facilitated action learning,

testing a Culture of Care solutions.

The Bothy is a shared space of action learning, that makes use of unlearning, of discovery, of mapping new concepts.


It is a place to explore and play with the imagined before being taken into the world, to your organisation in a real life setting. We return to reflect on the new learning & knowledge gained with questions & shared curiosity.

We work together to discover outcomes that we were unlikely to have been able to find alone. It is the joy of community in the quest for a better way of being.


The Bothy is a cross institution space where we all benefit from everyone's experience.

Resources & Experiential Learning

We have a variety of resources to offer that can support your organisations Culture of Care journey as well as your associate artists. All can be found in the shop.

Some are free to download such as the Culture of Care Nest Box, a collaborative agreement supporting all to create a mutually nurturing and accessible working environment.

Image Credits: Gaia Redgrave

A faded image of a wheel standing in long grass.

Project Support

If you have an idea for a project and would like to build a Culture of Care into its foundation, to support accessibility and equity of all those involved, it's time to chat with us.


We prefer to be present from the beginning to ensure effective integration and for the best outcome for those delivering and participating in the project.

Of course, you can come to us and say, 'We would love to do something with you, what do you think?'

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