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Selecting New Projects

A Culture of Care at the heart.

Detail of an abstract line drawing made using grey ink.

Reflective Practice

When considering a new project or offers of work, we work through the following process:

Gather information - such as what, who, ethos, timeframe, ability to meet access needs, budget, and degree of flexibility.

Allow a period of time for reflection – this involves discussion between Rewilding artists & time for individual and group reflection.

Decide on how to proceed - we will then let you know the outcome.

We may return for further information or a chat.


We receive many offers and prioritise the following equally:

The positive difference a project may make.

Our wellbeing within the project.

How the offer fits with the Rewilding ethos.

Our current capacity.


We appreciate your patience as we focus on this process.


We believe in all artists being paid fairly for all work that they do and will include reasonable development time, relevant materials, documentation, access requirements not provided by the partnering organisation and partnership meetings within our budget.

Rewilding the Artist aligns with the Social Model of Disability.

Image Credit: (above) Kar Rowson, (below) Gaia Redgrave

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