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We welcome your messages of support, questions about Rewilding the Artist and the work we do, proposals, invitations to work with you or a simple hello.  We select our projects carefully to support our wellbeing & current work commitments. 

Two chairs painted white, one small one average size, standing in woodland.

Thank you for saying hello!

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Image Credit: Gaia Redgrave


As we are a disabled & neurodivergent led organisation. Sometimes it may take us longer to reply as we are managing health challenges and need to prioritise rest or you may receive a reply from a support worker who will introduce themselves. We thank you for your patience.

We would appreciate your support in maintaining a quiet, low sensory background when meeting virtually to enable us to balance our sensory input and offer you the best experience possible.

We welcome the adding of your access requirements to your message if applicable and you choose to do so. 

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