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Hello Artists

Hand written notes are shown on a page. The notes show statements, dates and questions. The pages has been decorated with green, yellow and blue water colour inks.

Rewilding the Artist is a Culture of Care in action.

We Do Things Differently

We are on a mission to support you to re-imagine your practice, with wellbeing and joy at its heart and to discover innovative accessibility that works for you.


Initially developed by and for disabled and neurodivergent artists, Rewilding the Artist is open to all, while being mindful and proactive towards access needs.


We are a Culture of Care in action. We do things differently.


Rewilding is unlearning, reimagining, returning to yourself and making possible the impossible (wherever possible!).

We invite you to join the quest for authenticity.

Image Credit (above): Lisa Hudson

The image shows an abstract line drawing that has been faded.

The Tribe

Reach for the stars while growing deep roots.

The Tribe is an experiential learning method that collectively investigates concepts that appear within Rewilding the Artist and supports small groups of artists / creatives over a period of 6 - 12 months.


The aim is to develop personal and collective thinking around practice based access, authenticity and a Culture of Care while considering the wider ecosystem within the arts.

Using a series of prompts, questions, collective chats, personal reflections and creative responses during our time together, we map our experience, thoughts and learning.


We gather together in real time, within a collective digital space to share thoughts, questions and concepts arising from both the times that The Tribe are together and the subsequent private reflection time.

The Tribe is delivered online and artists can join the next available programme, or as an organisation you can commission us to provide the Tribe within the context of your space or project.

Image Credit: Iain Biggs

Image Credits: Rewilding the Artist Tribe 2024

Els tribe_edited.jpg

Creative Companion

A Rewilding Creative Companion supports you to explore your personal creative practice and how it reaches into all aspects of your life. The sessions are informed by the Rewilding the Artist ethos and resources, and go beyond traditional mentoring.

When working with a Creative Companion, you may wish to explore the context of your work, a question you may have, develop a process, explore how your practice feeds your wellbeing or another aspect of your life for example. It is a two way process and a space of sharing.

Together we decide how to proceed within the Rewilding framework and what our meeting time could look like, with scope to bring in diverse but relevant aspects. Each session is an open forum for exploration and discussion with the view to deepening your creative practice and wellbeing in the broadest sense.

Image Credit: El Davies

Access to Work

Access to work is a government grant that can help to pay for support workers to enable you to carry out your work / practice as a disabled artist.


Rewilding the Artist work with a number of creatives that can provide Access to work job coaching for freelance artists. If this is something that you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a chat about your requirements.

Image Credit (below): Lindsey Colbourne

Lindsey tribal meeting 16102023.jpg
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