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Octopus of Omnipotence

What makes Utopias Bach an innately accessible space?

The Octopus of Omnipotence was set up to try and answer the question “What makes Utopias Bach an innately accessible space?”, with the aim of understanding specifically how Utopias Bach welcomes neurodivergent artists.

We came together for a series of conversations to explore this question from a number of different angles such as current and past experience, small and big action, personal world and wider world.

Each session was visually mapped. The results of these conversations helped Utopias Bach to understand how their working environment supports those who are neurodivergent. This then has further informed how the collective works with others, neurodivergent or not, going forward.

The documentation was shared at the Utopias Bach Deconstructed Conference at Plas Bodfa, Ynys Môn where the Octopus of Omnipotence resided, revealing the secret of Utopias Bach’s accessibility to anyone who consulted with it.

Image Credits: Lindsey Colbourne & Gaia Redgrave


In partnership with Utopias Bach Collective

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