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Piece of String Media

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How do we support neurodivergent participants effectively?

Rewilding the Artist's partnership with A Piece of String Media focused on supporting neurodivergent artists to access online digital media training. This including mentoring artists as well as training and mentoring for Nick & Mike of Piece of String Media.

This was a pilot project that offered free, remote, accessible, digital media training and mentoring for a small group of D/deaf, Disabled, and/or Neurodivergent artists (working in any art form), who were based in England.


The project aimed to help artists develop their skills and confidence to create high-quality short video or audio pieces to document or showcase their artistic practice, using their smart phone or tablet and simple editing apps. This opportunity was aimed at people with little or no experience of creating short video or audio pieces using their mobile device and delivered on Zoom.

Image Credit (below): Gaia Redgrave


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