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Rewilding the Artist

A person wearing a red coat relaxes on the ground. The ground is covered in fallen leaves.

Imagine a process of discovery for artists, organisations, and collectives

that facilitates real change, equity, and authenticity.

Welcome to Rewilding the Artist.

What we do

We help artists, collectives and organisations work creatively to develop accessible spaces / projects, inclusive ways of working and authentic sustainable practice.

We support the delivery of a Culture of Care with the use of Rewilding the Artist techniques.

We consider questions that go beyond policy through the use of creative practice, Immersive Rewilding & Rewilding the Artist resources, to allow you to discover playful ideas that best fit your space and wider community.

We value a Culture of Care, thriving communities, nurturing human to human interaction, curiosity, multisensory practice, equity, experiential learning, openness, honesty & kindness, slow reflective practice, and rest.

We work with those who are genuinely interested in exploring new ways of doing things and exhibit values that are aligned with our own.

We work across Wales and beyond by harnessing hybrid accessibility.

A person wearing a pink hat is in front of a wheelchair. The person is is in a woodland and is smiling.

Who We Are

We are a curiosity of artists!

We come together to deliver Rewilding the Artist events in our own unique style.

We have a core group who are disabled led, but also creatives that meander in and out as necessary.

All are a joy to work with and hold the values of Rewilding the Artist in all that they do.

Two white chairs are in a field of wild flowers and long grass. One of the chairs is much smaller than the other.
Rewilding the Artist_Artist Gaia Redgrave_Photographer Gaia Redgrave_Rewilding_Map_edited_

Our Roots

Rewilding the Artist was founded by artist Gaia Redgrave and was born out of the need to place wellbeing at the roots of her practice and to develop creative strategies in relation to accessibility.


Since its conception in 2011, Rewilding the Artist has gone from strength to strength in partnership with an array of freelance creatives, academics & organisations supporting not only neurodivergent & disabled artists but all who wish to prioritise wellbeing, kindness and nurturing working spaces.

Outcomes from the initial project can be found here.

Image Credits: Gaia Redgrave

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