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Meeting Lemon Verbena

Is it possible to deliver a hybrid residency where all participants feel equally valued in the room?

Rewilding the Artist joined with Utopias Bach and the people and plants that made up cwrdd â mi yr arfon to provide a collaborative residency to respond to Mostyn’s Project Space commission developed by Mostyn and artist Frances Disley.

During the experimental residency, artists, plants and the club worked together to explore processes that aimed to foster deeper connections that brought together the human and more-than-human.

Rewilding the Artist's focus during the residency was to explore,  in partnership with Utopias Bach, how all participants can be equally valued whether attending in person or online.


During the residency, we co created a series of workshops testing how the online participants can truly feel involved and part of the room. We included creative activities, visualisation, tea tasting, the creation of a collaborative soundscape. 

Positioning of the video feed and communication between the virtual and physical rooms were the main focus and a tool box of techniques were created to use in further research and training development.

Image Credits: Lindsey Colbourne

Soundscape Courtesy of Gaia Redgrave

In partnership with Utopias Bach Collective at Mostyn

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